Find out how to successfully deposit IBET88 with just 3 simple steps

Although quite simple, depositing money into the house account is still quite difficult for many gamers. That’s why the article below will show you how IBET88 deposit The simplest with only 3 quick steps for your reference.

Deposit methods at IBET88

Currently, the house offers many deposit methods for players to choose from. Each IBET88 deposit method will have its own unique characteristics that you need to understand such as:

  • Transaction via bank: This is a payment method chosen by many people because it is safe and easy to do. The house is affiliated with reputable domestic banks so you will have the best choice.
  • Game card: This is a convenient, anonymous way to top up and is also very easy to do. However, if you choose this method, you will have to pay a quite high fee to top up the game card.
  • Quick pay: This IBET88 deposit method is quite new to help gamers save time. As long as you have a bank account registered for internet banking service, you can quickly send money.
  • Scratch card: This form of anonymous deposit is easy to do and sent extremely quickly. However, you will also have to pay a relatively high fee and if you want to deposit a large amount of money, you will need to buy many scratch cards.
  • Send via e-wallet: You need to own e-wallets to use this method. Currently, many gamers choose to deposit using e-wallets because of its convenience.
Deposit methods at IBET88
Deposit methods at IBET88

Way Deposit money to IBET88 via local bank simply

As mentioned above, the house currently offers many payment methods for players to choose from. However, sending money through local banks is still the most preferred way for many people.

Step 1: Log in to your game account at bookmaker IBET88

Important step dThe first thing you need to do is log in to your game account at the house. If you don’t have an account, click Register and follow the instructions.

Then on the home page, click on Deposit and select Bank Transfer. Now click on the bank you are using and you will see the house account information appear.

Step 2: Conduct transaction

In this step, gamers will transfer to the account provided by IBET88. You can transfer using internet banking or deposit at an ATM or transact directly at the bank. Note, keep the receipt to provide to the dealer when requested.

Step 3: Provide transfer information

Once you have successfully deposited money into IBET88, please fill in all the information requested by the house. As follows:

  • The amount just transferred
  • Bank account
  • Transaction date/time
  • Payment methods
  • Transaction receipt
  • Promotion code (if any)

So with just 3 simple steps, you have successfully completed the process of transferring money to your IBET88 account. Please read this guide in detail so you don’t encounter any problems.

Way Deposit money to IBET88 via local bank simply
Way Deposit money to IBET88 via local bank simply

Things to keep in mind when depositing IBET88

How to deposit money into the house account is very simple, however you need to pay attention to a few issues to ensure your safety and security:

  • Provide your full name the same as your bank account registration name when creating a house account.
  • Each person can use multiple bank accounts to deposit money into IBET88 but must be the owner.
  • The house does not limit the number of deposits per day, so you can deposit multiple times. However, you need to pay attention to the minimum and maximum transfer amount.
  • The time to receive money is about 5 to 10 minutes. So if after 15 minutes you still have not received the money, please contact customer service staff for support.
  • You should make transactions through IBET88-supported banks to ensure the process goes smoothly and quickly.
  • Please keep the transfer receipt so you can provide it to the dealer in necessary cases.
  • Please omit the 3 zeros after the amount to deposit.
  • Make sure your account still has money when depositing IBET88 using Quickpay method. At the same time, you must use the same bank as the dealer.
  • If transferring by game card or phone card, keep the card to prove it in case something goes wrong.
  • The bookmaker and bank will regularly maintain and upgrade the system, please read the notice to avoid making transfers during this time.
  • Sign up for deposit promotions at the casino to receive many attractive gifts.
Things to keep in mind when depositing IBET88
Things to keep in mind when depositing IBET88

The above article is detailed information and instructions IBET88 deposit You can refer to and follow. Hopefully with this sharing you will no longer encounter any difficulties during transactions at the house.