Latest IBET88 Promotions Update Newbies Can’t Miss

Providing incentive programs to players is a way for IBET88 to attract customers effectively. Therefore, the latest IBET88 promotion is information that many gamers are looking for. So let’s find out the details in the article below.

Find out what the promotions is at IBET88?

Promotion is an activity the house sends to customers to stimulate customers to register and participate in betting. Each promotional program will have different content, regulations and conditions applicable to each game hall.

When gamers want to receive IBET88 promotions, they need to meet the conditions set by the house. The bonuses and gifts of each of these programs are very attractive and attract players.

Find out what the promotion is at IBET88?
Find out what the promotion is at IBET88?

Summary of the latest promotions at IBET88

This May, bookmaker IBET88 launches many interesting promotions to enjoy favor old customers and attract new players. Let’s learn about some outstanding programs.

The bounty hunter

This IBET88 promotions applies from May 8 to June 4. The condition to receive the bonus is that the player must deposit a minimum of 4,600,000 VND and have a total valid bet of 10,000,000 VND each week at the Poker game.

Deposit money during golden hours to receive rewards up to 1 million VND

This IBET88 promotion is for gamers participating in betting at the house’s Sports lobby. The program lasts until May 17 and to receive the promotions, you need to deposit a minimum of 100,000 VND, then transfer funds and receive the corresponding code.

Bonus offer of 12% when recharging every day with a bonus value of up to 1 million VND. Players will have to make 8 betting rounds to be able to withdraw money.

Summary of the latest promotions at IBET88
Summary of the latest promotions at IBET88

The jar exploded loudly

The IBET88 promotion program applies to 666 players who meet the earliest requirements and is for slot providers at the house such as: Gameplay Interactive, Microgaming, PG Soft, Skywind,…

The house will rely on the winning amount of each round to reward the player. And you will have to pay through 5 rounds of betting if you want to withdraw the prize to your account.

Promotions for new members

Besides the latest gift giving programs, IBET88 also has many attractive offers, among which gifts for new players cannot be missed. This promotion is for anyone who registers for a member account at the house.

When successfully registering an account and making a top-up minimal 300 thousand VND into your account will receive 90 thousand bonus. In addition, the casino also has a promotion of 100% of the top-up card value on the first deposit with a maximum bonus amount of up to 4 million VND.

IBET88 promotion refund

This is also a bookmaker’s incentive program that is loved by many people. Accordingly, when participating in online casino betting or soccer betting, IBET88 will refund a certain amount of bet whether you win or lose. If the result is a draw, it will not apply.

For online casino games, the casino applies a refund rate of 1% of betting revenue. However, players must actively receive the IBET88 promotion by clicking Redeem promotion. The promotional amount will be transferred to your account after 5 days.

A few things to keep in mind when receiving promotions at IBET88

In fact, there are many gamers who do not know how to receive gifts from the house. Therefore, in order to successfully receive the IBET88 promotion, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Own 1 unique member account

The casino offers the most gift giving programs not only for newbies, but veteran members can also participate. However, many gamers cannot withdraw their bonuses to the bank because of the wrong verification process. So, please use only one main account to play games and receive incentives.

A few things to keep in mind when receiving promotions at IBET88
A few things to keep in mind when receiving promotions at IBET88

Meet the house’s conditions

In addition to account issues, you need to learn about the conditions for receiving IBET88 bonuses to see if you meet the requirements or not. This is an extremely important note so you don’t miss any opportunity to receive gifts.

Do not break the law or cheat

Any IBET88 promotion will have clear rules and conditions of participation announced by the house. If you intentionally break the rules or commit fraud, the casino will cancel the reward immediately. Therefore, please join the valid reward program.

Above is the most detailed information about the programs IBET88 promotions The latest you can refer to. Hopefully through this article, you will choose the right offer for yourself. Quickly register for a bookie account to receive the most attractive and valuable gifts.